What are our patients saying about us?

Since 2010, the Vitae Clinic has held a higher standard of care for our patients in all aspects of obstetrics, infertility, and gynecology with respect and value of life in a sensitive, considerate and confidential environment. Our hope is to nurture a kind and trusting relationship with you, just as we have with these patients.

Gynecology Patient Experiences

We cannot express how grateful we are that the Vitae Clinic is in Austin. We first met the Vitae staff a couple of weeks after moving to the Austin area. When I went in for my annual well-woman exam, I knew this place was refreshingly different. I felt comfortable as a Catholic, and my children loved the place. My four-year-old son said, “We need to come back here a LOT.” Since my exam came back normal, I didn’t expect to be back for another year. However, in the weeks and months that followed we found that we did come back a lot.

Some weeks after the exam, I began unexpectedly bleeding. I was pregnant, and I knew I wanted Dr. Kalamarides to do the sonogram. It was devastating to hear him pronounce, “Your baby had died.” Yet I am so glad that he is the doctor who told me. The staff was so compassionate and helpful as my husband and I tried to navigate our next steps. Later when I needed an emergency D & C we knew we wanted Dr. Kalamarides to do the surgery. His competence as a Catholic doctor as well as his bedside manner is remarkable. Time and again the hospital staff remarked to me how impressed they were with the new doctor. In the aftermath, I experienced a lot of hormonal fluctuation as my body adjusted to its non-pregnant state. Once again, Dr. Kalamarides and the staff were on top of checking my progesterone levels and caring for me as a whole person. With the help of Dr. Kalamarides and his wife Heather, my husband and I were able to begin a Natural Family Planning program that fit our needs better than the one we’d previously been using. I am happy to report that we are pregnant once again. We’re in the third trimester, and this baby is doing very well.

Our whole family has been blessed repeatedly by the compassion, the wisdom, and the medical knowledge of the staff here. My husband refers to Dr. KaIamarides as “awesome” and whenever we hear of someone looking for a good OB-GYN doctor we happily sing the praises of this amazing place.

— Jean B.

I felt, from my very first appointment at the Vitae Clinic, that this was a very special place. Dr. Kalamarides is very kind, and I feel safe knowing that here I will not be treated in a way that goes against my values.

— Lindsey

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Kalamarides and the Vitae Clinic. I have been to multiple OB-GYNs in the Austin area and have never walked away fully satisfied. I was looking for very reasonable traits in a doctor:
• Willingness & ability to listen
• Natural approach to fertility & family planning
• Convenient office location
• Feeds into Seton Medical Center
Dr. Kalamarides knocks those criteria out of the park. During my first visit, he spent nearly 45 minutes with my husband & me reviewing our challenges, fears, lifestyle, and family plans. I am not a practicing Catholic, and that is a non-issue for Dr. Kalamarides. He cares about my health and well- being first.

Additionally, I recently had laparoscopic surgery to remove endometriosis. While this was a procedure that could have caused tremendous anxiety for my family & me, Dr. Kalamarides put all of us at ease. He was extremely thorough & thoughtful throughout the entire process, including discreetly providing the post-surgery update to my mother & husband.

I’ve found my doctor for life & am so glad to have stumbled upon the Vitae Clinic.

— Ashley N.

Obstetric Patient Experiences

My husband and I are 100% Pro-Life, but when we unexpectedly became pregnant with our 4th child, we found ourselves very disappointed and frustrated. This was when God introduced me to Dr. Kalamarides. I always knew that I wanted a Pro-Life OB-GYN, but I decided to make the switch to Dr. Kalamarides after constantly being asked if I wanted to be put on some sort of contraceptive, or being bombarded by ads, brochures and diagrams about birth control. This was the best decision my husband and I ever made. I was able to learn about his wife and their mission and I began to see the Vitae Clinic was going to be my new home. His love for every single baby (especially my new child) was very evident from the start. He began to help me see that even although my husband and I had not planned for this child that God already had a special plan for him. Almost 9 months later, Dr. Kalamarides delivered our 4th child, Elijah, and we could not be more thrilled and more convinced that God (and Dr. Kalamarides) know exactly what they are doing! To add onto that, my husband and I had struggled being successful with Natural Family Planning (NFP). This is when I learned that Dr. Kalamarides’s wife, Heather, was a Natural Family Planning instructor. She is now our instructor and has given us a new enthusiasm and passion for doing Natural Family Planning. I love being welcomed by Joy as I walk in each time, and I love that they know me by name. The Vitae Clinic is the whole package.

— Karli R.

When I became pregnant for the first time, I had never been to an OB-GYN and I was excited to find out that I’d be able to be one of the first patients at the new, Catholic directive-oriented, NFP-only women’s clinic in Austin. Dr. Kalamarides and his staff made me feel welcome and well cared for from the very beginning. Dr. Kalamarides always let me voice my concerns and have a say in my own healthcare while still making sure that I made the healthiest choices for both my baby and me. Above all, it was always a relief to know that I was free (and encouraged!) to follow my conscience and adhere to the moral beliefs of my faith regarding reproductive healthcare. My husband and I both cherished our experience at the Vitae Clinic and now have them to thank for our beautiful, healthy, bouncing baby boy!

— Marynia G.

Finally a doctor and doctor’s office that was as excited about my pregnancy as I was! Everyone is excited for first time moms, but seeking care for my fifth pregnancy, I was looking for someone who would be as joyful about our news of a new life as I was! That led me to search for a Pro-Life doctor. To my delight, I found the Vitae Clinic. It was more than worth the drive from Cedar Park. The care I received was like nothing I had ever experienced in the world of women’s health. From my first visit at 5 weeks, to my postpartum check-up, Dr. Kalamarides and his staff took excellent care and interest in my baby and my family. I’d recommend the Vitae Clinic to all women, from my grandmother, to someday, my daughters.

— Diane B.

Patient Experiences with Infertility Care

Our family will be forever grateful. The Vitae Clinic and Dr. Kalamarides are the answer to my prayers. When I heard that there was a new Catholic Natural Family Planning doctor in Austin, I immediately called and made an appointment. It was so refreshing to have a doctor that didn’t discourage and question my choice of using NFP. Even though I was in my early forties, I felt our family would be blessed if we had another child. I had not been able to conceive for almost four years. My previous OB-GYN even suggested that I be sterilized because of my age. With the help and guidance of Dr. Kalamarides, I was encouraged to take a Creighton Model FertilityCare™ System class at the Vitae Clinic,which really helped me chart more successfully. Dr. Kalamarides studied my charts closely and three cycles later I became pregnant at the age of 43! Thank you Dr. Kalamarides for helping our family receive the blessing of another child into our family.

— Lisa Z.

This is the first time in 10 years that a doctor has taken our values AND medical history into account, and has truly made a positive difference. When we moved here early last year, we were so excited to learn about the Vitae Clinic and their support of Natural Family Planning and Catholic Church teachings. We found Dr. Kalamarides and his staff to be very knowledgeable and welcoming. Dr. Kalamarides spent an hour with me reviewing my charts and coming up with a plan that would promote a healthy fertility cycle. Under his care, we have begun a treatment plan that has completely changed our married life for the better! The Vitae Clinic has a life-long patient in me! From the beautiful and peaceful office setting, to Dr. Kalamarides’ one-on-one care, the Vitae Clinic is the answer for TRUE women’s healthcare. The Vitae Clinic has been an answered prayer for us!

— Denise A.