We’re happy you’re here! Gynecological care plays a key role in women’s health as they pass through all the phases of their lives – from adolescence to menopause. This is why it’s so important to select a provider you trust. At the Vitae Clinic, our sincerest hope is to nurture a relationship of care with each patient that will last a lifetime!

The Vitae Clinic Patient Portal

We are pleased to our provide patients with convenient, secure access to most of their information at our clinic. In our Patient Portal you can safely and easily:

  • Make appointments and communicate securely with members of our staff
  • Update your address, phone, e-mail address, insurance and other patient information
  • Change your password
  • Add and update your credit card information
  • View a history of your previous online visits

Click Here to Access Our Secure Patient Portal

  • The Patient Portal Will Open in a New Window or Tab
  • You must be using Chrome or Safari to access the Patient Portal
  • The Patient Portal does not support Internet Explorer or Firefox

Set up your patient portal

  • Check email for “Vitae Clinic Inc. – Patient Portal Instructions”
  • Click custom link provided
  • Provide your birthdate and zip code
  • Create password and pick security question
  • *Patient Portal instructions will be sent to the email address you provided after your first visit to the Vitae Clinic. If you have not received an email please call the Vitae Clinic to have email resent.


At the Vitae Clinic, we’re here to help. We believe that part of providing you with the best care is to connect you with additional information and resources you need to be informed and proactive about your health.


We support your pregnancy goals! Pregnancy is a time of many changes, and many questions. These resources are designed to help answer your questions and provide additional information and tips that you’ll need for a healthy nine months.

Doula/Labor Support

Christine Mesich, Doula



Gynecological health and wellness at every stage of life is our priority. We offer resources on many gynecologic and menopausal issues.


Counseling Services for Women, Couples and Families


Couples who are having trouble getting pregnant want to know the causes for infertility. While each couple’s situation is different, our team provides expert assistance and resources that help explain common fertility issues and available treatments.

Rosalind Haney RN-Nutritionist



NaProTECHNOLOGY® (Natural Procreative Technology) is a new women’s health science that monitors and maintains a woman’s reproductive and gynecological health. This is based on studying the correlations of events in a woman’s cycle using the CREIGHTON MODEL FertilityCareSystem of charting. Learn more about the process and how it provides medical and surgical treatments that cooperate completely with the reproductive system.


Natural Family Planning

What is the CREIGHTON MODEL FertilityCare™ System?

At the Vitae Clinic we provide women with state-of-the-art, holistic health care that utilizes the science of NaProTECHNOLOGY®. This requires patients to chart their fertility using a method of natural family planning. Beginning this process before visiting our office is a very helpful step! The Vitae Clinic provides our patients all the resources they need to be successful in charting for the CREIGHTON MODEL FertilityCareSystem.

Classes with Heather Kalamarides, MAT, CFCP are available and provide women and couples with quality educational instruction to chart their cycles of fertility and infertility. Patients will attend a one hour Introductory Session and several follow up visits to learn successful charting with a CREIGHTON MODEL FertilityCare™ Practitioner.

We strongly encourage you to learn more about the CREIGHTON MODEL FertilityCareSystem.

To register or for more information email Heather Kalamarides MAT, CFCP at or call 512-458-6060 extension 509.

For infertility issues and some advanced cases of gynecologic disease, Dr. Kalamarides and Dr. Weidaw require women to chart with the CREIGHTON MODEL FertilityCareSystem.

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